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The first draft of anything is shit.

-Ernest Hemingway (via feellng)

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this is heaven omg

this is hell




If a 7 year old realises gender stereotyping is wrong and you don’t, something is very wrong with you.

Whoever raised this girl should get a medal.

except this isn’t true at all…? like clearly somebody’s getting her the wrong lego sets
also the actual lego store isn’t divided by gender. it’s divided by brand/series. The city sets are all together. The friends sets are all together. the chima sets are all together. Yes, the friends sets have more female characters, and are generally pink. there are not two sections, though. again, divided by brand/series. I’m assuming that Charlotte was at target or something, where certain stores divide the lego aisle by gender.
like, look at the city sets. 60042 has a female bank robber. 60047 has a female police officer. 60061 and 60004 have female firefighters. In 60017, there’s a female businesswoman. 4432 has a lady garbage truck worker. 60020 has a lady cargo truck worker. 60013 has a female coast guard worker. I can keep going.
Note that when counting these ladies, I counted the ones that have makeup painted onto their faces. Lego minifigs are intentionally gender-ambiguous, and as a kid I was pretty happy to pick up the standard smiley-faced minifig and know that to me, it was a girl. My brother’s exact same minifig was a boy.
Charlotte was likely referring to the Friends sets when she was saying that the girls sit around at home. One of the Friends characters teaches karate. Another is a vet. Yes, they go to the beach, but they also have a speedboat and a camper. Friends minifigures/dolls-things (they’re not really minifigs?) are a sort of lego version of the american girl doll. they have backstories and pets and stuff.
What I’m pretty much saying is that if a little kid wants their lego character to be a girl and be a firefighter, sweet, there’s a set. If a little kid wants their lady lego minifigure to have a dog and a cafe, awesome, that exists too. Yes, the Friends sets are kind of weird, but that doesn’t mean that the more traditional lego sets are marketed exclusively towards boys, and it doesn’t mean there aren’t any lady minifigures.

Tyrannosaurus REKT


I am a huge fan of poetry, but all this bullshit you guys reblog is so… it’s so dry, and gushy, like fuck.

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